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A business graduate working in banks has taught me well in terms of project management, discipline and working with others. But the last twenty years have always been about what I can do in the arts world whenever I got the chance! Everything from dancing, to acting, singing. I’m still in an acapella group and participated in three community musical theatre productions in the last 18 months!

However, it wasn’t until I was living in London in 2011 that I discovered my love and dedication to writing. This led to the creation of works from a YA book series (Dancers and Divas), Black Rainbow, a full length contemporary drama that I wrote, directed and produced at the Tap Gallery in 2014, the production of a few short films and the integration into the world of community theatre as an audience member, actor and director. My particular love for TV has had my TV scripts place in US based competitions.

Combining my love of the arts with my project management skills has enabled me to bring my own works to life. And hence Antartis Productions – the name behind the face that will go on to create more works such as Watch Me Dance.

Watch Me Dance is a cumulation of everything I love - struggling artists, the underdog fighting for their own chance, personal journeys, and of course dancing! It's planned that the stage show will be the catalyst for the film version. But in the meantime,  I hope to build something special amongst the large cast and crew in its creation and for the audience in its performance.

For details of my work to date, including sample scripts, short films etc, please go to

Contact me at Kathy (dot) Petrakis (at)